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The Power of Adaptogens for Combating Stress

April 23, 20244 min read

The Power of Adaptogens for Combating Stress

Every one of us must deal with stress off and on that impacts our mental wellbeing. Some people are good at combating their stress within a shorter time, while others need help to do so. Those who can't handle their stress may have to face prolonged or chronic stress that negatively impacts their life. Some people use different supplements, home remedies, and other techniques to combat stress but may or may not get their desired results. 

Adaptogens are a blessing for everyone for combating stress and anxiety. For many of you, the word Adaptogens might be new. Therefore, this article will tell you in detail about what Adaptogens are and what role they play in managing stress. So, let’s get started!

What Are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens are compounds that are abundantly present in several herbs and plants. They are famous for their magical properties in combating stress, boosting energy, improving mental health, and building resilience. Adaptogens were initially found and used by the people of China and India. However, they are now used throughout the world as an effective remedy for combating stress. 

How Adaptogens Help Our Body to Fight Stress

The present research on Adaptogens highlights that they stimulate our adrenal glands. These adrenal glands play a role in the regulation of hormones that control or manage stress. When a person ingests adaptogens in any form, they help our adrenal glands in effectively managing the stress hormones. As a result, we feel relieved from the stress and enjoy better mental health. However, there is no significant research on the link between adaptogens and stress control, but fewer available studies support their relationship. There is an intense need to carry out more research in finding the link between stress hormones and adaptogens and how they benefit us.

Where to Find Adaptogens?

Here are some of the plants from which you can easily find the adaptogens: 

·      Ginseng

Ginseng is a slow-growing plant with ginger-like roots that have wonderful health benefits. This plant is rich in adaptogens and is widely being used in Chinese medicines. Ginseng’s adaptogens are famous for reducing stress, decreasing fatigue, and balancing the level of sugar in the blood. 

·      Moringa

Moringa is a plant that is famous for its medicinal properties and includes a rich amount of adaptogens. Due to the countless benefits of Moringa, it is also called a miracle tree. The main features include the regulation of normal body balance, reducing stress and depression, improving mental state, and boosting immunity and energy levels. 

·      Astragalus

In Chinese medicine, Astragalus is one of the most abundantly used plants. It also contains adaptogens and many other healthy compounds that combine to fight stress. It is also well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Not only this, but this magical plant herb is also amazing in improving heart health and managing kidney issues. 

·      Ashwagandha

This is also one of the most widely used and most effective Adaptogen herb plants. There are also some research studies conducted on this plant that revealed its fantastic properties in combating stress, anxiety, and depression. Ashwagandha also improves memory and brain functions, reduces the production of stress hormones, and improves well-being. 

Ways to Take Adaptogens

If you are thinking about taking adaptogens to manage your stress, here are the two ways to take them. However, make sure to consult with a doctor before taking them to avoid any potential side effects, as there is little research on them. 

·      Capsule form

Some of the Adaptogens are available in capsule form, such as Astragalus. There are varying dosages depending on the specific capsule and you must check how much your body needs before taking one. Exceeding the recommended dosage may leave adverse health impacts or may worsen your stress level. 

·      Powder form 

There are some adaptogens that are available in powdered form. For example, Moringa comes in powder form, and its recommended daily dosage for adults is 1-2 tablespoons. Taking it regularly for at least a week or two would help change your stress level noticeably. However, never exceed the recommended dosage and always consult with a medical health provider before you start taking adaptogens. 

Final Note

If you are going through prolonged or chronic stress, it is time to start managing it in varying ways. One of the best natural ways to combat stress is the use of adaptogens. They are found in some herbal plants and available in the form of capsules and powder in the market. Taking the adaptogens daily in the right dosage can help you effectively combat your stress, improve your mental health, and enjoy good well-being.  Working with me would be a great starting point to help you build a stress reduction plan.  You can take a FREE Stress Assessment Quiz by heading here to access the quiz.

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